Faber-Castell Augmented Reality Coloring Book

Faber-Castell Augmented Reality Coloring Book

As one of the oldest stationery manufactures in the world, Faber-Castell has developed a fantastic painting technique that allows children to drive their creativity and explore new ideas. However, looking at today’s increasingly digital-savvy growing children, Faber-Castell Indonesia collaborated with AR&Co. developed an Augmented Reality based application named “Colour to Life”, to bring colouring into a next level experience for the children. Colour to Life is packed with a set of colouring book, consist of 5 different characters in 15 pages and Faber-Castell Connector Pens. Through this product, children are driven to increase their creativity by colouring each character based on their liking and by scanning the paper, they can make the characters come to life based on the colours they have coloured. Children can also play games based on the character they have scanned and interact with the characters in many different ways.

Faber-Castell also believed that through this application, children could gain some benefits such as: increase children’s brain and hand coordination, increase children’s concentration rate, stimulate children’s responsiveness, balance children’s right and left brain, train memory and increase the speed of thinking.

Product Features

  • 15-page colouring book
  • 20 connector pens
  • Colour to life
  • Increase creativity
  • Play games based on the character you scan
  • Great gift!



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